Deivore (haven’t been able to prove it). Been a top writer in a number of categories — stop caring about that. The report of my death was an exaggeration.

Her tagline: “What if Slavoj Žižek was a girl with better politics?” Strong claim, Mia… Strong claim.

Mia Mulder
Mia Mulder. Source: Twitter

Mia makes approachable video essays in the usual style of many other leftists on YouTube. If I am to trust her Twitter account, she’s got a history degree and is two meters tall.

She’s also a co-host of LeechFest Podcast, which focuses on medical history.

Let’s see some videos.

Historically speaking


Hint: it involves listicles, numbers in titles, predictable content, images from Unsplash, and using the word “hint” in your subtitle

Woman biting pencil out of frustration in front of laptop
You’ve seen this image before. It’s because people are lazy. Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

That’s it. That’s the “story.” You can go home now. No need to read this “content.” You know what it’s going to say.

1: Listicles

Your top 7 tips for whatever are well known — that’s why they are “top.” Sometimes, hidden somewhere deep in this list of things you felt the…

Moving beyond our politics so we can finally start doing politics

A protester throws a molotov cocktail at a bank in Brazil
Looks like someone did not talk enough, so someone else threw a Molotov. Source: Public Domain

Prologue, or: Most of recent history

It has taken me years to finally admit that everything I have ever said about politics has totally, absolutely, and unequivocally not been worthless.

Which team will win today? Will it be this one or that one? It is extremely important for you to know. Hopefully you will stay informed…

A zillennial who likes to make fun of the severe amount of cringe in the world

Eddie Burback
Eddy Burback. Source: Twitter

And I am here for that. He may or may not be of the based crowd, but he’s funny as hell.

That’s worth something still, right? Humor? Maybe?

Let’s take a look.

Cringe criticism, the perennial online font of creativity

How about that weird moment earlier this year where some zoomers and millennials were criticizing how stupid the…

A channel with ~150 subscribers featuring constant critique of… Tim Pool?

Full Slack
Full Slack’s cursed Twitter profile image. The eyes… Source: Twitter

Don’t ask how I found this tiny lil’ channel. I just did.

Anyone willing to devote hours of content in only a few weeks centered around the existential horror that is Tim Pool is worth a shout out, though.

Give them a follow so you can watch however they morph…

If you need proof our politics is full of BS, look no further

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson. Source: Public Domain

Tucker Carlson’s son Buckley needed a recommendation letter for his application to Georgetown University. That letter was written by none other than Hunter Biden. (Buckley ended up not going to the school, however.)

How do we know this?

Do you remember Lin Wood, the far-right, QAnon-nonsense-spouting conspiracy theory lawyer who…

Dan Brioli

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