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  • Pamela Edwards

    Pamela Edwards

    Irrationally hopeful.

  • Milan Kordestani

    Milan Kordestani

    Milan Kordestani is a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur whose most notable startups include Guin Records, Dormzi, and The Doe.

  • Rondo a la Turk

    Rondo a la Turk

    Interested in politics

  • ƒ Michael Wells

    ƒ Michael Wells

    Originally an Indiana farm boy with a mystical bent & homosexual libido, living such a varied and complex life for over 70 years, even I can’t make sense of it.

  • sebastian higuita

    sebastian higuita

  • Hassan Hassan

    Hassan Hassan

  • Steven Rensch

    Steven Rensch

    Attorney,, teacher, counselor, coach; maverick in most groups; lots of kids and grandkids;;

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